Southie On The Beach Event Today!

Jun 30th, 2019

Category: CrossFit

Southie On The Beach Event Today!


Benchmark/Strength Schedule – Click Here

Southie On The Beach Volleyball!
Join us for an awesome day of fun in the sun! We’re setting up for our 3rd year of Beach Volleyball! Come by for some friendly competition! We’ll also have corn-hole and spike ball, or just come by to chill with us and enjoy this summer weather! Volleyball teams are made on the fly. For more information check out our Facebook Invite HERE

*If the weather is rainy we will move the outing to Southie Bowl at Noon…which is always a great time! Either way plan on spending the day with us!! Updates will be posted on Facebook and Instagram!

Date/Time: Sunday, June 30th/11:00AM start
Location: Carson Beach in Southie
Cost: FREE

Partner Up
P1- 250m Row
P2- AMRAP Plate Floor Press
P1- 250m Row
P2- AMRAP Reaching Sit Ups w/ Plate

For 15 Minutes
Bench Press- 3 Reps
Dumbbell bench press alternating arms- 10 Reps

5 Rounds
250m Row
20 Sit-ups
10 Toes to Bar

Level 1- 3 Rounds, Knee Raises

Ski Sub = 250m
Bike Sub = .4miles
Run Sub = 200m

CFS Endurance Sunday – Southie Orange 10AM

Odd – 12/7 Cals Bike***
Even – 40 Double Unders or 80 Singles***

Rest 4 Minutes

Odd- 12/7 Cals Row***
Even- KB Reps*
20 Heavy RKBS
15 KB Box Squat (Goblet or Double FR KB, depending on weight)
10 KB Bench Press

*(Chipper AMRAP Style – pick up where you left off)
***All Cardio portions should be completed in 45 sec or less. Scale accordingly.

At Home WOD
5 Rounds
1 Wall Climb
3 Hand Release Push Ups
5 Prone Swimmers
7 V-Ups


Foam Roll Front of Shoulders – 2:00 x Side
Up Dog Stretch – 1:00 Total