Southie Green

The majority of you are aware that we are opening a second space next door to our space now. All we really have left to do is install the pull-up structure. That should be finished by early next week. We will be functioning in the new space as soon as we are able to. Our current space will be referred to as Southie Orange, and the new space is Southie green. Opening Southie green is allowing us to add and an olympic lifting class, open gym, beginner classes, and a lot more room to breathe. We will be releasing a new schedule for both spaces in the next couple days.

No yoga today!! There will be yoga at 11am on Sunday. Kim is back :)!!

Competitors! See you at Fenway at 1pm. Get excited!!


5 Rounds
Run 400m
10 Burpee Box Jumps
100m Farmer’s Carry (2/1.5)

Level 2 (1.5/1)
Level 1 4 Rounds (1/.5)