Southie On The Beach Event! – CFS


Mark your calendars for these July events we have coming up!

Southie On The Beach
Date/Time: Sunday, July 9th starting at 9:30AM
Location: Carson Beach, South Boston
Join us for a day of Beach Volleyball right here in Southie! We’ll have other games as well if Volleyball isn’t quite your jam, or just join us for a fun day in the sun! Be sure to RSVP on our Facebook invite here. We will meet by the volleyball nets at Carson Beach and organize the teams as people show up.

Jim Kane Sugarbowl 5K
Have you been missing out on our 5K outings due to your busy weekends? Well here’s your chance to run a 5K with the Southie Squad on a beautiful summer week night! Registration can be found here.
Date/Time: Thursday, July 20th at 7PM
Location: Carson Place/Boston Teacher’s Union Building
Cost: $25.00

Weekly Strength/Benchmark Schedule

Warm Up
For 3 mins
:30 on :30 off Assault Bike
1 minute to rotate
For 3 mins
:30 on :30 off Russian swings (heavier than WOD weight)
1 min to rotate
For 3 mins
:30 on :30 off Ski Erg

Overhead Squat

Partner WOD
100 Calorie Bike
100 Kettlebell Swings (2,1.5)
100 Calorie Ski Erg

-Partition reps between the partners as desired

Level 2- (1,0.75)
Level 1- (0.75,0.5), 75 Reps

Endurance Class WOD: 10:00am in Southie Orange
1 Mile Run Time Trial

200m Row
10 KB Deadlifts
10 Ring Dips

Rest 60 Seconds

100m Run
10 MB Ground to Overhead
10 MB Russian Twists (Per Side)

Rest 60 Seconds

50 Dubs
10 Push-Ups
10 Overhead Lunges w/ Plate (5 Per Side)

Rest 60 Seconds

10 Hollow Rocks
10 Supermans
10 Plank Up Downs (5 Per Side)

Scaling Options Listed In Class

At Home Workout
5 Rounds
16 Air Squats
20 Alternating Lunges
24 Sit Ups