Snatch Grip Your Life Away


Impressive showing by the toasties this weekend.  We had 8 teams with toastie competitors at the Lando Competition and four of those teams took the top four spots.  Congrats to everyone that put themselves out there and competed and big congrats to the Cookie Monster for back to back weekend wins!


Mini flight simulator (10 minute cap)
Increase by 10’s. 10-20-30..50-40..
If still working on dubs increase by 5’s only up to 25 – 5,10,15, 20, 25, 20…
25 pass throughs with a PVC
with an empty barbell
2 rounds of
5 muscle snatch, 5 OHS, 5 hang power snatches, 5 drop snatch, 5 Squat snatch
5 minutes working on improving thoracic spine and overhead position

Squat Snatch-Second Pull
3 @ 60% x 10- Rest 60s Between sets – work with a partner here

Snatch grip deadlift

*keep the snatch set up throughout the movement and develop strength in all positions of the lift. Lower the bar under control and do not let the back round at any point. Reduce the weight if this is an issue.*

8 minute AMRAP
7 Overhead Squats
12 Chest to Bar pull-ups

*you may squat snatch the first rep*

Rest 1 minute then continue with a 2 minute AMRAP of Power Snatches.

*you should have 2 different scores rounds for the 10 minutes and then reps for the snatches

Games- (155,105)
Regional- (135,95)
Open- (115,80)