Snatch me if you can

Its not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog

Warm UP – 10 minutes
2 rounds of
1 time through the Burgener warm up (5 jump shrugs, 5 jump shrug pulls, 5 muscle snatch, 5 jump and lands with the bar overhead, 5 hang power snatches)
10 ball ups
20 meter handstand walk – try turning around

Strength – 30 minutes
5 Sets ascending in weight
1 Set equals
1 Power Snatch from the high hang
1 Power Snatch from the low hang
1 Squat Snatch from below the knee
1 Squat Snatch from the floor
With each snatch make sure you hit the each position in the prior snatches.  For example in the Squat Snatch from the floor, hit the below knee position, the low hang and high hang positions.  If you are not hitting the positions stay light and work on hitting the positions.

WOD – 15 minutes
Squat Snatch
Wall Climb

Games  (175/125)
Regional (155/110)
Games (135/95)

After Party – 1000m row for time