Snatch City B*%@#


Warm Up-
1000m row
2 minutes upper back rolling
5 muscle snatches
5 overhead squats
5 hang power snatches
5 snatch balances
5 full squat snatch
2 minutes upper back rolling
Repeat with 5 of each
2 minute upper back rolling

30 minutes to Work up to a Heavy Squat Snatch

Remember we had a rough few days before this; don’t worry if you don’t PR. Work on setup, tightening the back, keeping a straight bar path, hitting full extension (getting behind the bar) and then aggressively pulling yourself underneath the bar.

WOD – 15 minute cap
3 Rounds
15 Power Snatches
15 Overhead Squats

Games/Regional (115/80)
Open (95/65)

Ca$H Out
Max wall climbs in 3 minutes