Smooth Like Butter-fly

Patiently Waiting
Patiently Waiting

Row 1000m
20 Barbell Overhead Squats
20 Bandy pull-aparts
-Spend 10 minutes rolling the lats and forearms


10 Butterfly Pull-ups or Butterfly Chest to bar pull-ups

-If you do not have butterfly pull-ups, then this is the time to work on them. Scale to the appropriate number of reps. Only do chest to bars if your regular pull-ups are good.

-If your pull-ups are good work on the speed of the turnover and staying tighter in the hollow position

Strength (15 minutes)
Overhead Squat
Work up to Max Weight for 10 Repetitions

WOD (25 minutes)
Calories on the Rower
Each for time
Rest 1:1
Report all sores