CFNE Garage Games Recap

What a great weekend! CFNE put on an excellent event! The competition was fierce, with many CFGames regional competitors participating, and the workouts were spectator friendly, varied and challenging. We had a Southie Contingent on hand which included competitors, volunteers, judges and supporters.

On the competitors side, Ignacio threw his hat in the ring and competed in his first ever throw-down. It was great to watch him throughout the weekend and we were all proud of his performance, including his 29 (25+ a few no reps) or so unbroken back squats at 185. Nick Stavros was one of the top athletes in the scaled division for the floater WOD and was right up the top on the Squat/HSPU. Pete O and Arik also competed for the second year at this event and their improvement over the last year was obvious. What a difference a year makes, when you put in the work. Look for these guys to make noise at next years event. Julie Arthur had an excellent weekend, as she exceeded expectations in nearly every workout, and continues to become a stronger, more competitive athlete. Mel Olinto crushed and took home 3rd place in the scaled division. Despite having to drop out due to an injury, Andrea still managed to finish in the middle of the pack. Lastly, despite a first place finish in the final WOD, yours truly finished just 2 points shy of the top spot.

All in all, it was a great weekend spent with the community. Thanks to everyone that came out to support and those of you that volunteered your time to help out. Get excited for the CFS Garage Games, they are right around the corner.


With a partner
Row 1500m
Partner that is not rowing must hold a barbell overhead. If the barbell is dropped, the partner rowing must switch.
Once 1500m is reached,
Complete 100 squat jumps over the bar.
Row 1500m as a team, without lockout.

Rx (95/65)
L2 (80/50)
L1 (65/35) – 50 squat jumps over a cone
Adv (115/75)