Be Smart Or You’ll Be Runnin’ – CompetitorWOD

Run 400m
3 muscle snatch
3 snatch balance
3 sots press
Repeat 3 times adding weight each time

Odd- 2 Squat Snatches 80-90%
Even- Rest

Overhead Squat

Run 400 Meters
21 Strict Handstand Push-Ups**
Run 400 Meters
15 Strict Handstand Push-Ups**
Run 400 Meters
9 Strict Handstand Push-Ups**

**Like the Muscle-Up Biathlon from the 2014 Games, complete a 200 meter penalty lap for every time you break your handstand push-ups. If you struggle with Handstand Push-Ups, modify the distances of the run (e.g., 200m full lap, 100m penalty lap) so that you can still accumulate volume in the pressing. If you are strong with HSPUs, perform this as a max reps after each run…with the goal of achieving at least the number of prescribed reps in each set – note both time and reps per round if you choose this option.

WOD Credit: CF Invictus 2014

Too Easy?
Try 25-20-15