Cancelled AM possible PM Classes & Pat em effing P

Due to the anticipated messy AM commute, a messy parking lot and the parking ban, we are forced to shut down the box for morning classes. We will reassess the conditions in the AM and make a decision on whether or not to open at noon or later for Open Gym and classes.  Stay posted to the blog and Facebook for updates.

At Home WOD
7 Minutes of Burpees
*pick a target 6 inches above your reach and touch with both hands to complete each burpee.


Hello to all my CF Southie Fam. Word on the street (according to goose) is that some people have been asking about me. First off, let me say I appreciate the support and continued love. Even just asking about me makes me feel like you all have my back.

I am finished with all treatment, no more chemo or radiation EVER! I can’t say I’m sad about that. Anyway, I’ve been physically feeling better and better. Making steady improvements and putting some weight back on. I’m not real close to what I was last year but I suppose it’s all in due time. I have a prosthetic mouth piece that helps me talk, as my tongue can’t reach the roof of my mouth. My mouth piece is like a thick retainer and allows my tongue to contact it so I can make consonant sounds pretty decently. Eating is still tricky and likely always will be, but I continue to try to work on it.

Crossfit Southie has been kind of my therapy throughout this whole process. It’s one of the rare places on earth where I feel totally comfortable even now. I show up 4-5 times a week, usually around noon. I have recently started trying to do the Burnt Toast Competitor workouts, not that I have any business doing them, but that’s typically where my friends are working out so I drag myself through them. My strength has been improving, my numbers in most categories are only around 40-60lbs below my lifetime PR’s. My doctor told me just recently that my recovery has been remarkable and I’m a Rockstar. Well I’ll admit, I feel nothing like a Rockstar. I’m sure my “remarkable recovery” has a lot to do with exercise and mental drive which CF Southie and all my main peeps have a lot to do with.

I thank you all again for the support – past, present and future. I come in as often as possible and hope to see everyone as much as possible. For those I don’t see often, I hope to catch you at the next Southie event or a competition (hopefully when I feel good enough to compete) or anywhere else for that matter. A million, billion thanks forever.

Pat em effing P

row blur

Hollow Rock Challenge
50 Reps


Clean and Jerk (185/125)
Burpee Box Jump

L3 (155,105)
L2 (115,75)
L1 (95,55)

Tonight’s Moskillity class will focus on loosening up the anterior (front) of the shoulder and the triceps. These muscles groups limit range of motion and, compromise shoulder position, and ultimately stop YOU from getting better. We will loosening up those muscle groups and putting our new found mobility to the rest with a small ring dip skill WOD to confirm the progress you’ve gained. We will be taking before and after pictures so you can see the results for yourself!

Moskillity Class 7:00 – 7:45pm:
Ring Dips
Upperbody Mobility (shoulders, triceps, etc)