1RM Turkish G

Big Crust
Big Crusticle

Warm-up –
3 – Turkish get ups (each arm/empty barbell)
4 – Skinny the cat
5 – Windmills (each side/empty barbell)
6 – Alternating lunges (each leg with overhead barbell lockout)
1 minute of high knees with barbell locked out overhead.

10 minutes to find a 1RM barbell Turkish g’up for each arm

Back Squat
Max Effort Handstand Pushups (2 attempts / judged with a partner)

what to look for – head makes contact with the ground.  hands are just outside the shoulders, not to wide (use plates and abmat where necessary.  Feet remain inside the hands on the way up and are in contact with the wall at the top.  only the feet, no arse in contact with the wall.

WOD (20 min)
4 Rounds
7 Handstand push-ups
14 Alternating Pistols
21 Kettlebell swings (2,1.5)
28 Box Jumps-Stand up on the box

Games- 6 inch deficit (2-45lb plates for HSPU)
Regional – 3 inch deficit