Skillz Pay The Billz…Partner!

Bean Bag Sprints
Bean Bag Suicide Sprints

Who is planning on watching the CrossFit Games this weekend?

Friday Saturday and Sunday the Games will be on ESPN3. These shows will feature every heat of every event of the men’s and women’s competitions, along with the teams, analysis, highlights and interviews.

For the first time ever, the CrossFit Games will be live on television. The final hour of the Games will be broadcast live on ESPN2 from 7 to 8 p.m. on Sunday, July 28

Is anyone interested in hosting a little get together party somewhere to watch with some fans?  Post to comments if interested.


Partner WOD
Run 1 mile
60 Toes to Bar
Run 1200m
60 Pistols
Run 800m
60 Box Jumps
Run 400m
60 Partner Wallballs

-partition the runs and reps however you like. Only one partner works at a time