We still need judges!


The Crossfit Southie Showdown is taking shape. We’re anticipating an exciting weekend for everyone involved. Spicy workouts, vendors galore, energy through the roof and a few surprises are to be expected. Just like in year’s past this event would not be possible without the community’s help and support. We could always use an extra hand!

We need at least 64 judges each day in order for the event to run smoothly. If you can count and understand basic CrossFit movements/workouts, we can teach you how to judge. Even if you cannot commit to all weekend, we’d love to have you for part of the weekend. We greatly appreciate your help and would not be able to run this event without you!

To sign up, click HERE. If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

Ring Dip

5-5-5-5- Straight sets
-Between sets complete 10 bandy side steps in each direction

Every Minute on The Minute for 20 Minutes

Odd- 15/12 Calories
Even 1- 10 Alternating Goblet Lunges (2,1.5)
Even 2- 3 Muscle-ups or 10 Ring Dips

(Alternate between movements on even numbers)

Level 2- 12,10 Calories, (1.5,1)
Level 1-10, 8 Calories (1,0.75)
ADV – increase the muscle ups as you see fit or add weight to the muscle up

Conditioning Class: WOD
Death by Burpees
On minute one, complete 1 burpee. On minute two, complete 2 burpees. Continue until no longer able to complete the prescribed number of burpees within the minute.
*15 minute minimum work requirement. If you are out before minute 15, subtract 5 burpees and start over again.

Conditioning Class: Core
3 Rounds
10 Bandy Side Steps/direction
20 Bandy Good mornings
30 Hollow Rocks