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Push the Limits
Push the Limits

Want to know a little bit about the Glute Hamstring Developer (GHD) before you come in? Check out how to use this machine. General Overview
GHD Sit-ups

Back Squat

-Between sets complete10 GHD sit-ups

Partner WOD
12 Minute AMRAP
10 Pull-ups
12/10 Calories on the Airdyne
(can sub ski erg or rower)

Level 2 (8 Pull-ups, 10/8 Cals)
Level 1 (6 Pull-ups, 8,6 Cals)

First round should take 1 minute or less. Scale reps if it takes longer.

Weekly Strength Schedule
Monday – Barbell Complex (Power Clean, Hang Squat Clean, Split Jerk)
Wednesday – Front Squat
Thursday – – Deadlift – Benchmark – “Bradshaw”

At Home WOD
150 Air Squats for Time
Every minute complete 10 Hollow Rocks

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