Silly Rabbit, Tricks are for Kids


Tricks are for Kids

A few athletes have asked for me to teach them some double under “tricks” or kettlebell “tricks” or snatch “tricks”. These questions got me thinking maybe I have become some sort of fuzzy faced Wizard, conjuring spirits of athletic achievement with the essence of frogs breath and puppy dog whiskers.
Some of the same athletes who ask how to be better, then eagerly claim that they will do whatever it takes to get double unders or improve their Snatch, get upset to find the secret “trick” is diligent, intentional practice. How did I do it? How did I get double unders? I watched Floyd Mayweather Jumprope remix on you tube.

Then every day for a month as a warm up for 20 minutes or 4 or 5 songs in my headphones I practiced and had fun. I missed skips, caught my feet, wore out a few ropes but sure enough things came around, this time in doubles.


1000m Row
50 Thrusters (empty barbell)
30 Pull-ups

Do complete the WOD Rx, both men and ladies must use a 45lb bar.