Showdown WOD Announcement: #SendIt

Time Cap: 9 Minutes

Clean & Jerk
Any type of clean is allowed. Standing up to full extension between the clean and the jerk is not required. For the clean, the barbell must begin with both plates touching the ground at the same time. The barbell must make contact with the shoulders before going overhead.
Any type of jerk is allowed. At the top, athletes must reach full extension with hips and knees fully extended, barbell locked over the shoulders, and feet in control underneath the hips. Dropping the barbell before full extension is reached will result in a no-rep. Barbells must remain in the lane for the entire workout. If a barbell is dropped and rolls out of the lane, it will be an automatic no-rep and the repetition must be repeated.

Burpee Lateral Jump
The burpee must be performed lateral to the barbell. At the bottom of the burpee, the chest, belly & thighs must make contact with the floor. The rep ends after jumping over the barbell. In the Advanced & Rx Divisions, both feet must jump back into the burpee and up from the burpee together (similar to the Open). A two foot take off is required to jump over the barbell. Stepping back/up and stepping over the barbell is allowed in the Intermediate Division.