Showdown WOD Announcement: Reverse Jerry

In this event, athletes will begin seated on the rower with the monitor on. Athletes may adjust the foot straps and damper however they like before the workout begins. Hands will remain off of the handle until โ€œGo.โ€ Athletes must hold onto the handle until 2000m appears on the screen. A 3-burpee penalty will be assessed for releasing the handle before the full 2000m is reached on the screen.

In the event that an athlete is still rowing when the 28-time cap is reached, the athlete must release the handle as soon as time expires. Your score will be determined by the distance that shows on the monitor after rollover meters stop accumulating. If the rollover meters push you over 2000m after the time cap, your score will be 28:00. One second will be added for every meter not completed.