Showdown WOD Announcement – “Mighty Mouse”

Oct 13th, 2015

Category: CrossFit

Showdown WOD Announcement – “Mighty Mouse”

This workout will take place on Day 2 of the Showdown.

Mighty Mouse (7 minute AMRAP)
50 Thrusters (75,55)
30 Power Snatches
Handstand Push-ups

Scaled – 55, 35; Wall Climbs

Thrusters– The athlete may squat clean the first rep. Hip crease must clearly be below the knee. Full extension, with control at the top with bar locked out over the shoulder, hip, knee and ankle is required at the top of each rep.

Snatches – At the start of each rep both weights must simultaneously make contact with the ground. The barbell must come to full lockout overhead with the hips, knees and arms fully extended, and the bar directly over the middle of the body. A split snatch is permitted as long as you set your feet at the top.

Handstand Push Ups – Each handstand push-up begins and ends with the same position. Only the feet are in contact with the wall, with arms reaching full extension. The athlete may place their hands however they choose, as long as their palms do not make contact with any predetermined marked tape. The HSPU box will be 36″ wide by 24″ deep. At the bottom the head makes contact with the ground. The feet do not need to remain in contact with the wall for the entire movement, but must touch the wall with arms extended at the end of each rep, with no other body parts in contact with the wall. Kipping is allowed.

Wall Climbs (Scaled Division Only) – Athlete starts with chest and thighs in contact with floor while the feet contacts the wall. Athlete walks feet and hands towards wall until the chest makes contact with the wall. The rep is complete when athlete controls themselves back down into the starting position with chest, thighs in contact with floor with feet in contacting the wall.