Showdown WOD Announcement: Ascent



1 Rep Max Snatch

One athlete will lift at a time, with a lift being performed every 15 seconds. Each athlete will get 3 attempts. Athletes can make multiple attempts at a lift within their 15-second interval, but the lift must be initiated (bar pulled from the floor) prior to the 15-second window ending. Athletes will have 3 minutes 15 seconds between each attempt.

Any type of snatch (power, split, squat) is allowed. At the top of the movement, athletes must be in full control with the feet under the hips and the bar stacked on top of the shoulders, hips and ankles. Dropping to a knee before standing up the lift will result in a no rep.

For safety reasons, if the bar goes out of an athlete’s lane at any point, the rep will not be counted. Athletes will be responsible for loading and changing weights. Clips must be used and spare plates must be placed out of the way in their designated spots before each attempted lift.

*Note: The smallest weights available will be 2.5lb plates, meaning weight jumps must be made in a minimum of 5-lb increments. Women will have a 35-lb Barbell for this event.