Showdown Event 2 Release- “GamePlan”

Establish a max weight for the complex:
1 Hang Squat Snatch
2 Overhead Squats
An attempt will be made every 2 minutes for 10 minutes.

Each athlete must begin at one of the predetermined starting weights and are allowed 2 attempts during the 2 minute interval. If successful the athlete will ascend in  weight every 2 minutes in increments of 10lbs for the RX men, and 5lbs for the other divisions.

Each athlete will choose from one of the following weights to for their opening lift:
RX Men 135,155,175,195,205
RX Women 85,95,105,115,135
Scaled Men 85,95,105,115,135
Scaled Women 45,55,65,75,85

A  maximum of 2 attempts at each weight. For safety reasons, in order for a rep to be successful the bar/athlete must remain in their lane throughout the entire lift. If both attempts are failed, the athlete may not continue on. A maximum of 5 sets of weights can be attempted.

The athlete may accumulate deadlifts as a tiebreaker. Deadlifts may not be started until the one minute mark and will add one point each to the total weight lifted. Two attempts at the complex are not necessary before accumulating deadlifts at the one minute mark. If you do not make your starting weight, your score will be the number of deadlifts completed in the minute.

Movement Standards
Hang Squat Snatch– The athlete must establish a clear pause at the hip before attempting the hang snatch. The bar may not descend below the knee once the hang is established. If the bar descends below the knee or is dropped, this will count as a failed attempt. One fluid movement is required in the RX divison. A power snatch into overhead squat, followed by 2 more overhead squats to complete the complex, is acceptable for the scaled division but not for the Rx division. At the bottom the hip crease must pass below the knee. Full extension must be shown at the top with control of the bar and feet underneath the hips.
Overhead Squat– Hip crease below the knee, full extension at the top with control of the bar.
DeadLift – Both plates touch the ground at the same time, full extension with shoulders, hips and ankles stacked at the top. Touch and go is permitted but bouncing will not be allowed.