Shout out to you Paleo Challengers!

The Get in Shape Girl

Sending a shout out to all you Paleo challengers  that have been faithful in keeping up with your logging. We are over half way through this challenge so the end is in sight! To those of you that have not been as diligently dedicated (I think I’m writing this part for myself!), remember that today is a new day. A fresh start. Speaking from experience, keeping track of every single thing  that you put into your mouth within a day can be daunting at times, however, look at the desired end goal. It’s all those little things that you do along the way that will pay off if you are faithful. Tracking/logging is good way for you to see on paper how the choices that we make in regards to nutrition can positively contribute to better performance in the gym. Many of you may have found that those first couple of weeks giving up bread,  pasta, sugar, rice, etc may have been brutal. You may have even noticed that you were a little more tired than usual, sore,  and even cranky. Now that your body has acclimated to a more balanced diet you probably feel like you could take on TJ in wrestling match and win! The effects of eating healthy combined with an intense workout program, as you may have found, lead to awesome results. Now you probably imagine that you will NEVER revert to your old ways because you feel so amazing…. and then real life happens. Someone at the office made those phenomenal homemade cheesecake brownies and you cave in like the Grand Canyon, eating not one, but two!!! Your first reaction may be “Oh my God I screwed that up!” Remember, just shake it off, wipe that dirt of your shoulder (or those brownie crumbs off your chest) and get right back up on that horse. Don’t let one cheat turn into a slippery slope. Stay strong.  At least for a few more weeks!

800m run
Boxjumps (stand up fully)
400m run
Toes to Bar
Box jumps
800m Run