Please bring your gear home – CFS



Cleaning Out CubbiesToaster Bags
We are asking everyone who has shoes, bags, etc. anywhere in the gym (shelving in the toaster & behind the men’s room, or cubbies in Southie Green and Orange) please take them home until after Showdown weekend. We need the areas to be clear to make room for the competition next weekend. Once the Showdown is over, you are more than welcome to bring your shoes back and leave them at the gym again on Monday.  Anything that is left, will be put in lost and found and donated to goodwill a month from now. We thank you in advance for your cooperation!


We Still Need Judges on SUNDAY 11/12!
We’re getting closer to our judging goal, but still need your help! We could always use help on both days, but we really need some extra help on Sunday, November 12th. Judging responsibilities will be wrapped up by 1:45pm. Grab a buddy and sign up – We appreciate your help!

Not ready to judge? We need volunteers!
If you’re not quite comfortable judging yet, we could still use your help! We need help with various tasks all weekend long – from manning the merch tent to swapping out equipment, to everything in between. If you’d like to help out, CLICK HERE to see available jobs and sign up!

In 3 minutes
Run 200m
25 Double Unders
Then AMRAP Kettlebell Swings
Rest 1 minute

In 3 minutes
Run 200m
25 Double Unders
Then AMRAP Kettlebell Lunges

1. Press
2. Push Press

535m Run (1 loop)
50 Kettlebell Swings (2,1.5)
100 Double Unders
50 Kettlebell Lunges
535m Run

Level 2- (1.5,1); 50 Double Unders
Level 1- (1, 0.75); 200 Singles
ADV – 200 Double Unders


  • Ryan Gould

    11/03/2017 @ 1:46 am

    SP: 125×2
    PP: 155×3

    WOD: 13:15 Rx -showdown with Becca ✅

  • Jason Barrow

    11/03/2017 @ 1:01 am

    Press: 125×2
    Push Press: 155×3
    WOD: 12:04 Rx

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