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Schedule Updates
Sunday, 9/2 – No Endurance Class
Monday, Labor Day, 9/3 –  All Levels Classes at 9AM & 10AM only. Goose will be here at 8AM hitting the WOD if anyone wants to come in for an early session.
*There will be no bootcamp on Monday morning. All bootcampers are welcome to join in the general CrossFit classes at 9 or 10AM!

Partner Up!
Grab Boxes and a Wall Ball heavier than you’ll use in the WOD
Run 200M Together. Wait until whole class is in then

3:00 AMRAP
*No Rest Between Stations
Station 1
AMRAP Burpee Box Jumps, one works at a time
Station 2
AMRAP Heavy Med Ball Thruster
One Works at a time

*You choose the number as a team for when to rotate. When transitioning P1 should be ready to go at station 2 when the clock turns over

Hamstring Opening

Partner WOD
3 Rounds
200m Sled push(3/2 45lb plates)
40 Burpees Box Jumps
40/30 Cal Assault Bike
40 Wallballs
200m Run as a Team
40 Kettlebell Swings (2,1.5)

The run is performed together as a team. The rest of the reps are partitioned between the partners.

Level 2- -10 Reps Reps 2/1 plates, (1.5,1)
Level 1- 2 Rounds, 30 reps, 45/25lb plate
ADV- 4/3 plate sled, 30,20 WB

Coaches Note: We know that not everyone loves partner workouts, but try to think of it as just a different way to perform work-rest intervals. Pick a number of reps that is a challenge for you, but at the same time ta number you can complete without getting slow.

Extra Work
10:00 AMRAP
50’ Weighted DB Bear Crawl Push Demo HERE
50’ HSW
50’ Broad Jump