Scavenger Hunt + Anniversary Party



The Scavenger Hunt will begin at 9:30 on Saturday.  We will be meeting outside of the Park St train station to allow us to make it to more places in the City.  This is your WOD for the day. Be prepared to run!  There will be no formal classes but we will have open gym from 12-3  If you choose to skip out we DO hope to see you at the anniversary party at Bell in Hand that starts at 7:00pm. Please be sure to arrive before 9 to take advantage of the food and to miss the cover.


Below are the teams for the Scavenger Hunt! If you are not on a team here and still want to come, try to get to Park Street by 9:15am. We will find you a home. Each team as a coach to lead the pack. Try to think up as many destinations and ideas for pictures before the morning to help out your team! Capture as many movements on the list as possible and be creative!! Videos are encouraged as well. We will be starting the hunt at 9:30am at Park street and there will be 75 minutes to capture as many good pics as possible and return to park street. The pictures will be viewed on a slideshow at Bell in Hand during the anniversary party. A winner will be determined by the popular vote.


Scavenger Hunt
The pictures are much better when everyone has on the same colors. If you don’t have any CFS gear try to wear orange or green. Or both!
The movements are listed below:
* Handstands
* L-sits
* Pistols
* Box jumps
* Overhead squats
* Pull-ups
* Burpees
* Kettlebell Swings
You can capture other movements in addition to these!