Saturday’s Are For The Stones

Amy Coaching – Skin the Cat

Day light Savings Sunday, be sure to turn those clocks forward so you make to class on time 🙂

In 2 minutes
Run 200m
AMRAP Cals on Ski Erg
Rest 1 Minute

In 2 minutes
Row 250/200m
AMRAP Cals on Bike

Stone to Shoulder

4 Rounds
:20 on / :10 off
Stone to Shoulder

1200m Run
80/70 Calorie Row
60/50 Calorie Bike
40/30 Ski Erg
20 Sandbag to shoulder (140/90)

Level 2- 90,50 Stone
Level 1- 50,30 Medball

Who’s ready to get after those Stones today?!!

Extra Work
10 Rounds
1 Power Snatch
3 Overhead Squats (185/125)