Saturday Spring Partner WOD


Gymnastics Skills Seminar TODAY 11:30am – 1:00pm
This month’s gymnastics seminar will focus on rope climbs, ring work, and the GHD. This is a great opportunity to spend a full 90 minutes focusing on these movements. Hopefully you’ll be able to improve on what you can already do, or maybe do something for the very first time! Don’t forget to wear your long socks.

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Partner WOD
Run 1 Mile with a Sandbag Switching every 200m
50 Partner Wallballs
150 Double Unders as a team
40 Synchronized Burpees
150 Double Unders as a Team
50 Partner Wallballs
Run 1 Mile Switching every 200m

Level 2- 75 Double Unders
Leve1 1- 200 Singles, 30 wallballs 25 burpees, 1200m run