Saturday Sled Work – CompetitorWOD

Tim “Butterfly” Biscoe

Partner banded resistance warm up

Push a heavy sled with a partner

100 Calorie Bike
100 Burpee Pull-ups
100 Cal Ski Erg or Row
Once finished grab a plate (45,25) then Run as a team to the 20m line. Complete 8 Sled Pushes each. Run the long way back into the gym switching off the plate.

*2 people can work at a time on the first part of the workout, but they need to be on different exer-cises. For example – One person does 10 calories on the bike, while partner 2 does 10 burpee pull-ups and partner 3 rests.

Memorial Day Schedule (5/29) – 9am + 10am Only