Saturday Heats- Revised

I did the best I could with the heats. The highlighted orange means that you will be in the original Southie box with the orange pillars. The green represents the new box with the green pillars. Most of you will be competing in one box and then judging in the other. The reason for this is to allow enough time to recover, but not too much time sitting around. Everyone is judging for the most part. I had a harder time with the later heats. Please take the time to know where you are competing and judging. Everyone PLEASE watch the movement standards before Saturday. Early heats please be here by 11:45. There will be space to warm-up in both gyms.

12:00 Athlete Judge
1 Ali M Jason
2 Izzo Melberg
3 Joe S Kristen Hestand
4 Bruce Ballard Nick D
5 Matt Maloney Erika S
6 Jerry Fireman Chris Daly
12:10 Athlete Judge
1 Susan W Erica Kroon
2 Jaime Kirby
3 Maze Yosh
4 Aaron Sean
5 Jusitn S Pat P
6 Megatron Goose
12:25 Athlete Judge
1 Stacey Kroon Jule S
2 Melissa M Haley Byrnes
3 Joe M Berretta
4 TJ Sam H.
5 Ty Eriks JT Scott
6 Kyle Eriks Mike Cahill
12:35 Athlete Judge
1 Erika S Ali
2 Kristen H Izzo
3 Jason Joe S
4 Chris Daly Bruce Ballard
5 Melberg Matt Maloney
6 Nick D Jerry Fireman
12:50 Athlete Judge
1 Erica Kroon Maze
2 Kirby Susan W
3 Sean Aaron
4 Pat P Megatron
5 Yosh Jaime
6 Goose Justin S
1:00 Athlete Judge
1 Mary Fergus Alec
2 Maureen M Stacey
3 Joe M TJ
4 Bill M Kyle Eriks
5 Eric S Sam H
6 Lindi Chuck
1:15 Athlete Judge
1 Helen Tu Aaron
2 Jackie Nick D
3 Brant H Yosh
4 Justin Wright Pat P
5 Edwin Maze
6 Jule S Jason
1:25 Athlete Judge
1 Haley Melissa M
2 Amy Stacey
3 Sam H Ty Eriks
4 JT Scott Kyle Eriks
5 Mike Cahill Joe M
1:40 Athlete Judge
1 Alec Brant H
2 John Doole Justin Wright
3 Fenton Eric S
4 HAM Mary Fergus