Saturday 8/22 – Olympic Lifting Class

Aug 22nd, 2015

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Saturday 8/22 – Olympic Lifting Class

oly goose 4

Warm Up
3 rounds (add small amount of weight each round):
3 power clean
3 front squat
3 jerk
3 press in split

Close-grip OHS
3×3 ascending (mobility/position drill, not for max load)

Scale: Mobilize t-spine/hips/ankles, 3×3 push jerk
Adv: 3×3 press in front squat

Clean and jerk
Heavy double
3×2 @ 80% of heavy double

Note: “heavy double” means the heaviest double you can manage for the
day with no misses at heavier weights.

Pause back squat
5×2 heavy, 3 second pause (NO BOUNCE!)