PR for Pat

Pat P
Pat P


There will be no Open Gym, Oly Class, Intro Class, or any General Classes today. Today is dedicated to PR for Pat. Thank you for your support.

After battling with serious inexplicable mouth pain over the last two years, Pat‘s surgeon recently discovered a huge cancerous mass located in his throat. Just 3 weeks ago, Pat underwent an intensive, 14 hour surgery to have the mass removed. The surgery was a success however the surgery required Doctors to remove 70% of his tongue along with the cancerous mass. They were concerned that Pat would not be able to move his tongue, swallow or talk again.

Pat showed his strength early on after his surgery as he amazed his doctors as he was able to move his tongue and swallow. Pat also recently removed his own feeding tube, with the help of his sister, and Pat is feeding on his own! While he still has difficulty talking, each day he is making progress. So much of his recovery has been, and will continue to be, unpredictable. Pat will continue his recovery for another month or so before he starts the next portion of his treatment, which will include six weeks of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

Although Pat has yet to make public the severity of the situation, the statistics were never in his favor. Pat is one of the most positive, mentally tough people I know and as shown early after his surgery, statistics do not necessarily apply to him. The more the CrossFit community can rally up and support Pat in his fight, the stronger his will and determination will grow to get through this tough time. Pat will have a lot of financial burden as he will be out of work for 6+ months and have a mass of medical bills. We are trying to raise funds to help him out but more importantly we are trying to raise his spirits by showing our support and love for him through the greater CrossFit community.

Today we host a WOD in Pat’s honor throughout the day. All regularly scheduled classes will be canceled today. The WOD is completely scalable and does not count toward your weekly total.

Please come by and support Pat in his fight against Cancer. Even if you do not do the WOD, there will be lots going on. RedLine Gear, Mobloko, and GamePlan Nutrition will all be here for the day selling their products and supporting Pat. Hylete and Kaleio Kookies will also be providing prizes to the top performers on Pat’s WOD. Paleo Power Meals will also be on site with food and they will be donating 100% of profits directly to Pat’s cause. Make sure you come hungry!

Pat plans on being here on Saturday with his family so show up and tell him yourself how proud of him you are and how strong he truly is.

To view the heats please click here.

Read Pat’s story from this Wednesdays Boston Globe article here

If you would like to donate to the cause, please click here.

Warm Up
There will be no coached warm up but Southie Orange will be open for all athletes to test out the movements and be ready for their heat.  Please show up early enought to warm up properly.  We will be here at 7am.


20 minutes AMRAP
6 Power Cleans
12 Burpees
14 T2B
50 ft Handstand Walk*

* sub 3 Wall Climbs or scale as necessary