Saturday 7/11 – Olympic Lifting Class


Twice through, add weight second time:
5 good mornings
5 front squats
5 power cleans
5 cleans

Tall clean
4×3 ascending

Hang clean (mid hang = just above the knee) + clean
5x(1+1) @ 75% (of full clean)

Clean RDL w/ pull – DEMO
4×3 @ 90-95% (of full clean)

* Unlock the knees, then hinge at the hips, thinking about pushing your
hips back and keeping the weight on the whole foot. Your weight will
definitely shift back towards your heels, but not so far that your toes
come off the ground. You should not be bending the knees and sitting
into your quads.

* Apply active backward pressure with your lats to keep the bar close to
your body throughout the entire exercise. Your shoulders should be in
advance of the bar at the knee, not directly over it or behind it.

* Only go as low as flexibility allows. Your back should retain its
natural curve (no lumbar flexion). If you have tight hamstrings, you may
be limited on the depth you can achieve, in which case this is a great
exercise to eccentrically load your hamstrings to improve that restriction.

* The pull at the top should be like all clean pulls: bring the bar back
in towards the hip before accelerating it straight up. You shouldn’t be
leaning back and swinging the bar forward.