Saturday 7/7 – OlyWOD

This guy is pretty, pretty, pretty good at Oly

Oly Class/Programming Update

Oly class will only be held and programmed for on Saturdays going forward.  We will rotate between C&J and Snatch each week. The class will be led by Yosh and the general guideline of the programming can be found on the Oly blog but Yosh will tailor specifically to each athletes individual needs during class.  So please come on in and take advantage.

Clean warmup (empty bar)
3 rounds of:
Good morning x3
Back Squat x3
Muscle Clean x3
Hang Power Clean x3
Hang Clean x3
Clean from mid shin x3
Power Clean + Hang Clean (1+2)
5 sets; ascending in weight each time
Behind the neck Jerk
5×3 @ 70%
Clean first pulls
3×5 @ 90%