Teams of 3 – CFS

Rope Climbs For Days
Rope Climbs For Days

Teams of 3
Row 150/120 Calories as a Team
150/120 Push-ups As a Team
Jog to the 200m line as a team with a 45/25lb plate
8 50m Sled pushes each
Run the long way in with the plate for your time!

*2 people work at a time on the row and the push-ups for total reps

Level 2- 120/100 Cals/Reps
Level 1- 100/80 Cals/reps

Strongman Class: Skill
Tire Flips

Strongman Class: WOD
30 minute Ascending AMRAP
1 Tire Flip
100m Run
2 Tire Flips
100m Run
3 Tire Flips
100m Run
4 Tire Flips
100m Run

*Use a challenging tire. Share tires where necessary.

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