Pets, Bikes, Kids & Open Gym Policy

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Pets, Bikes, Kids & Open Gym Policy
As the weather gets warmer and the gym continues to get busier, just a friendly reminder of our policies…


As much as we love furry friends and as cute as they can be, we have had both safety and allergy requests to keep them out of the gym.  Pet owners are welcome to keep their pets on leashes outside but no longer inside at anytime.  Also, please again for safety reasons, refrain for blocking emergency exits and letting your pets loose on the running path during runs.  Very sorry to disappoint some of you, but it has been presented as not only undesired but also as a liability.


The same goes for bikes.  They do not belong inside the gym, especially at busy times.  We need all the space we can get.  We do have a bike rack outside in-between the two gyms.  Bikes have been taken before but it is our understanding it has only been in cases where they were not locked up properly or left overnight.


Kids are welcome at the gym but  the must be closely supervised by a parent at all times especially during busy gym times.

Open Gym

We are a class based business. In the past we have not allowed open gym at busy times (530-7am and 530-730pm weekdays and Saturdays from 9-12) specifically.  We encourage those wishing to make use of the gym during these times outside of classes to partner up and share space as much as possible.  Classes always take priority and if coaches kindly ask you to relocate because a class needs the space, please be mindful of this and do so quickly and efficiently. Additionally when working outdoors, be mindful of parking lot traffic during busy times.  Try to use sleds, yokes, etc on the running path instead of the main lot where possible and keep them out of the way where they wont be run over, etc when not using.

Thank you for the respect of your classmates and understanding on these matters.  If you have any questions/concerns please see one of the head coaches (Goose, Amy, Haley or D).

Sports Wellness Saturday
Dr. Miguel will be back this morning. Book your appointment here!

Run 400m w/ Plate
Then 2 Rounds
:40 On / :20 Off
• Box Jumps w/ Step Down
• Plate Ground to Overhead
• Fast Hands On & Off Plate (Holding Plank)

Run 800 meters with a 25-lb. plate
14 rounds of:
• 5 strict pull-ups
• 4 burpee box jumps, 24-in. box
• 3 cleans, 185,125
Run 800 meters with a 25-lb. plate

Level 3- (155,105)
Level 2- (125,80); 10 Rounds
Level 1- Run 400m; (100, 55); 8 Rounds


  • Dan Palermo

    05/06/2018 @ 3:48 am

    29:20 L3

  • Jason Barrow

    05/05/2018 @ 4:28 pm

    5/6/17: 32:08 L3
    5/5/18: 29:13 L3 (35# plate)

    Used a 35# plate to make the throwdown fair since gals and guys were prescribed the same weight. Couldn’t give Jill an excuse when I won.

    I don’t care what anyone says, the best way to run with a plate is pinning the it to your back with one hand, other arm pumping like a normal run, switching hands as needed. My back isn’t even THAT bloody.

  • Brian Campbell

    05/05/2018 @ 4:07 pm

    24:43 Rx (Pr)

  • Trevor

    05/05/2018 @ 4:07 pm

    32:27 Rx

    Shout out to Mooch for the “encouragement” to go heavy.

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