AT HOME FITNESS – Follow the track on the SugarWOD App – Coaching Videos can be found right on our app and on our Youtube Channel.  Live coached WOD on the Zoom App at noon. click the link to join—-> https://thl.zoom.us/j/504206333 This can also be found in our Instagram.  All videos are uploaded to Youtube afterward if you are unable to make the live class.

Take a look at our No Equipment, No Problem WOD Document for various workouts.

We’re working on a Quarantine Accountability Challenge in the event that we are unable to get back into the gym in the immediate future. This would include a host of things not limited to challenges of bodyweight moments for reps, static holds, steps, nutrition, at home workouts, etc… More to follow soon.

It’s amazing how many barbells, db’s & kb’s made their way outside the walls of the box and into your homes.  While they are in your possession we want to make sure that we can continue to provide Movement Coaching to help you move better. If you are interested in receiving specific coaching on anything, let us know or simply film yourself and direct message us on Instagram.

Homework – Go out and guesstimate a 100m, 200m, 400m, 600m and 800m Run line for upcoming workouts

200m run should take under 1 minute
400m = 1:45
800m – 3:30 mins
This doesn’t have to be perfect. Use visual landmarks – telephone pole, street corner, fire hydrant. Make sure to run fast to keep up your social distancing efforts.

Warm Up
2 Rounds
-30s Air Squat
-30s Squat Jump
-30s Superman
-30s Superman Hold
-30s Lunges
-30s Lunge Jumps
-30s Plank Ups
-30s Plank Hold
-1 Minute Wall Sit

50 Single Arm snatches
50 Box jump|Stair Jump|Plate Jump|Step-ups
50 Single Arm Thrusters
50 Weighted sit-ups
30/25 Cal bike|50/40 calorie Row|600m or 3 minute Run

Rest 2 minutes

30 Single Arm snatches
30 Box jump|Stair Jump|Plate Jump|Step-ups
30 Single Arm Thrusters
30 Weighted Sit-Ups
15/10 cal bike|40/30 calorie Row|400m or 2 minute Run

Rest 2 Minutes

20 Single Arm snatches
20 Box jump|Stair Jump|Plate Jump|Step-ups
20 Single Arm Thrusters
20 Weighted Sit-ups
10/8 cal bike|30/20 calorie Row|200m or 1 minute Run

*Bike Cals are for the Assault. If you have a Schwinn or C2 X 1.5

If you are unable to Run, Row or Bike – complete 1 minute of Lateral Plate Hops, 1 Minute of Burps without the push up, 1 Minute of Jumping Jacks. 2nd round 30s of each, 3rd round 20s of each.

Extra Work
Accumulate 5 mins in the bottom of an active Squat in the least amount of sets as possible.

*Every time you break complete 5 Burpees

ADV – Weighted Goblet Squat