Pull Your Weight

Banded Warm Ups

Schedule Update
Starting today and moving forward we will be cancelling today’s 9:30am CrossFit class with a 9:30am CTX class.

Sunday ‘Murph” Class Schedule Update
Weekend Schedule Update – No Parade tomorrow but we still plan to run run heats of “Murph.” We have changed heat/class times to 9 and 10am. Both classes will take place in Southie Green and will be led by Goose. The box will open at 8am for Open Gym throughout the day and will close at 11am. There will be no CTX class.

30/20 Calories on Rower or Ski Erg


:40 on/:20 off
-Lateral Sliding push up with Push Out Right Side
-Double Unders or Attempts
-Lateral Sliding push up with push out left side
-Double Unders or Attempts
-Glute Bridges on Sliders

3 Rounds
4 Minutes Work:
90s Rest

  1. 5 Power Cleans 135|95
    40 Double Unders
  2. 4 Thrusters
    12/10 Calorie Row

Level 2- 115|75
Level 1- 95|55
ADV-155|105, Ski

Extra Work
Bench Press
Bent over Row

Not for time. Climb in weight for each set.