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Important Parking Message!
We understand that with limited street parking and spaces in the lot due to the snow, parking can be tough at the box. However, we need to be considerate of our neighbors. The lot next to Southie Orange is NOT our lot; it belongs to Pier Transmission. There is not enough room in their lot to accommodate snow, their daily business, AND our cars. Going forward, any cars parked in the Pier Transmission lot will be TOWED with no warning, even early in the morning. Parking is available in our lot, on the street, or in front of Hilti after 5pm. We thank you in advance for your cooperation!

pull upsFree Gymnastics Seminar here at Crossfit Southie!
Finally, a chance to work on your pullups, double unders, and handstand holds/walks! Crossfit Southie will be hosting an hour and a half seminar dedicated solely to the skills required to master and perfect those pullups, handstands and rope work. To give you a brief inside scoop the pullup portion of the seminar will cover an explanation of the kip, basic kipping drills, how to utilize the bands in a workout, linking together multiple reps, and butterfly pullups for more advanced athletes. We will break it down in a similar fashion for the other two skills as well. Groups will be broken up according to skill level so that athletes will gain the most from the session.ย  Don’t hesitate to sign up, there is always something that could use a little more improvement to become more proficient athlete. This seminar is free for CFS members and open to CrossFit athletes outside of the Southie community for $20, so convince some friends to join you! Click HERE to sign up!


Save the date: Saturday, February 14th

Time: from 11:30-1pm

Occasion: Mini Pullup/Double Under/Handstand Seminar

Invited: All levels- no requirements

Purpose: Take your crossfitting to the next level!

Day 13 of the Nutritional Challenge please log HERE.

Partner WOD
10 Rope Climbs as a Team
16 Rounds (8 each)
10 Kettlebell Swings (2,1.5)
9 Box Jump Overs
8 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
4 Rope Climbs (2 each)

Level 2- 7 Rounds Each (1.5,1)
Level 1- 5 Rounds Each (1,0.75)

Please make sure to wear long socks, pants, tape or any form of protection for climbing the ropes!

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  • Ryan Gould

    02/08/2015 @ 5:43 pm

    27:04 min w/ Chris
    1.5 pd…arms almost fell off at the end so only made it up to ~7 ft on that last two rope climbs.

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