Patner WOD then Max OUT SESH – CompetitorWOD – pic


Partner WOD
3 Rounds
In 4 Minutes
Row for Max Distance

Rest 1 minute

ย In 3 Minutes
For Max Rounds
3 Power Cleans (135,95)
3 Front Squats
3 Shoulder to Overhead

Rest 1 Minutes

In 2 Minutes
Max Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Rest 1 Minute

Level 2- 115,75
Level 1- 75,45
ADV- 165,115, Muscle-ups

Should have 3 separate total Scores at the end of the workout, one for the Erg, one for rounds on the complex an done for the pullups.

Post WOD Oly

1 RM Snatch

1 RM C&J

In groups of 4 or 5, start with light weight and add 5/10 lbs on the bar until you get knocked out.ย  2 misses at a weight constitutes a knock out. When everyone is done snatching move onto the clean and Jerk.

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  • BrianC

    01/28/2017 @ 3:32 pm

    235 on the complex,
    3461 meters, 24 rounds, 77 mu
    w/Goose who did all the work lol.
    I had a really good time!

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