Partner Up

MUP x 2
MUP x 2

We will be meeting at 7am on Saturday for team training.  All are welcome.   The workout will be as follows.

WOD # 1
Teams of 2
1 Guy/1 Girl where possible

2 rounds each – one athlete works through an entire round while the other rests and then they tag their teammate in.
7/5 muscle-ups
10 front squats (185,135)

2 rounds
20 power snatches (75,55) – have a different bar setup here.
3 rope climbs

2 rounds
20 C2B
10 thrusters (135,95)

2 rounds
20 calorie row
13/10 strict hspus

One person works at a time. Work together to get the weights switched out form the FS to the thruster.

WOD #2
Partner 2 mile for time Assault Bike – partners can swtich whenever

Ca$hout – Handstand Walk and Freestanding Handstand practice​