2 peas in a pod

Holiday Schedule

Sunday the 23rd – normal schedule now, Yoga is back on

Monday the 24th –  Xmas Eve – Classes at 5:30, 630,730, 9, 11, 12.  No night classes.  All classes will be held in Southie Green.

Tuesday the 25th – Xmas – Closed

Wednesday the 26th– Goose Open the box up at 5:30am for the early birds to get in their WOD, open gym style.  Classes at 6am, 7am, 9am, 11am & noon.  Night classes – 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm.  All classes will be held in Southie Green

Thursday the 27th – Sunday the 30th – Normal Schedule

Monday the 31st – New Years Eve – no 7:30pm & no mobility, otherwise normal schedule

Tuesday the 1st – New Years Day –  9,10,11,12 – All Classes held in Southie Green

Wednesday the 2nd – normal schedule

Partner WOD
100 box jumps
500m row (250m each)
100 power snatches (75,55)
500m row (250 each)
100 Burpees
500m row (250 each)
100 Sumo Deadlift high pulls (75,55)

Level 2 (65,45)
Level 1 (45,35)