Running Tabata Mash Up

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Warm Up
50 on 10 off
-Grass Hoppers
-Hollow Hold
-ODD Object Deadlift High Pull
-Wall Sit

WOD (28 Minutes)
Running Tabata Mash-Up
Hang Clean and Jerks (115,75)
Kettlebell Lunges (1.5,1)

At Home Version
Light Thrusters
Single arm hang clean and jerks alternating arms
Odd object lunges

8 sets of 20s work:10s rest completing all 8 sets of the Wallballs/Thrusters before moving on.

After each exercise instead of Rest 1 minute and rotating, you will have 3 minutes to sprint 400m and rest and rotate. 400m should roughly take 2 minutes → 1 minute out and 1 minute in

Run Sub = any 2 minute combination of jumping jacks, mountain climbers, plate hops or 100 Double Unders | 200 Singles

Score = sum of the lowest number of reps, and your fastest and slowest 400m Times

Coaches Tip – focus on the hip and shrug and keep that db/object close as opposed to letting it swing out in front.

Extra Work
Accumulate 5 mins in a Superman Hold