CFS Comedy Night Returns with “Don’t Tell Comedy Boston”


CFS Comedy Night!
Comedy night returns to Southie! “Don’t Tell Comedy Boston” is a local team of comedy lovers and comedians who are passionate about creating a fun and relaxed environment for experiencing live comedy. All comedians remain unknown until they take the stage. Every lineup is carefully curated to include the very best local and nationally touring talent. Check out more details below and join us for a night full of laughs!

Date/Time: Saturday 3/26 at 8PM
Location: Crossfit Southie!
Tickets: $25.00 – CFS members receive 25% off with code CROSSFITSOUTHIE

Follow This Link to purchase tickets! The Event is open to all that are 21+. It’s bring your own drinks and snacks! We hope to see you all there!

Warm Up
With A Partner
400M Med Ball Run*

P1 – 10 Med Ball Front Squats w/ Press Out
P2 – Pull-Up Hang

P1 – 10 Med Ball Thrusters
P2 – Shoulder Activators

P1 – 10 Wall Ball
P2 – Hanging Hip Touches

Lat rolling
Lat Stretching

Midline Madness
2 Rounds|1:00 Each
-MB Russian Twists
-Single Leg V-ups
-Knee Tucks on the Ball
-Med Ball Sit-ups

800m Run
40 Wall Balls
30 Push-Ups

600m Run
30 Wall Balls
20 Push-Ups

400m Run
20 Wall Balls
10 Push-Ups

Level 2 – 30 -20 10 wallballs and Push-ups
Level 1 – 20-15-10 Wallballs and Push-ups
ADV – Ring Push Ups, 30|20lb Wall ball

“Freestyle Diane”
45 Reps of each for time
Deadlifts 225|155

*WOD credit

Break the reps up anyway!