Rownnie – CFS

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Weekly Strength/Benchmark Schedule – click here

Warm Up
8 min AMRAP
Row 250m
10 Strict Press
5 Barbell Rollouts

Test & Retest
Overhead Mobility – standing trap smash with barbell


500m Row
50 Sit-ups
400m Row
40 Sit-ups
300m Row
30 Sit-ups
200m Row
20 Sit-ups
100m Row
10 Sit-ups

If you have done high volume GHD situps before and would like to sub in GHDs complete 1/2 the reps.

Coaches Tip – beware of butt burn. Use a yoga mat or the abmat cover to protect your behind.

Partner Endurance WOD – 10:00am
Both athletes work simultaneously and alternate movements.

4 Rounds / Athlete
A. Run 300m
B. AMRAP – 8 Lunge Jumps / 8 Supermans

Rest 90 Seconds

4 Rounds / Athlete
A. Bike 20/15 Cal
B. AMRAP 4 Shoulder Taps (Each Side) / 4

Rest 90 Seconds

4 Rounds / Athlete
A. 300m Run
B. 15 Box Jumps / Wall-Sits (In remaining time)

Scaling options given in class

At Home WOD
3 Rounds
1 Minute Alternating Lunges with Twist
1 Minute Alternating Plank Ups
1 Minute Jack Knives