Row, Row, Row Your ERG


We are closed next weekend since we are hosting an L1 cert.  As a result, we will be going 5 days in a row this week and will take the weekend off.

2 Rounds of
15 bandy good mornings
20 Bandy side steps
25 Bandy pull aparts

Speed Strength
1. Box Squat Dynamic with chains 10×2 with 55% of your 1rm loaded on the bar and appropriate amount of chains. Complete with a partner on the minute or faster.

2. Sumo Dead Pulls 10 x2 at 55% of your 1RM Deadlift – with a band.
Complete with a partner on the minute or faster.

3. 5×3 weighted box jump from the seated position (24/20) – use dumbbells/kettlebells or a vest

5 rounds of
Row 100
Rest 30 seconds
Then 4 rounds of
Row 200
Rest 1:00 minute
Then 3 rounds of
Row 300m
Rest 2 minutes

All intervals should be completed as fast as possible, do not leave anything in the tank.  do not game the early rows for the later rows.  Record each interval, and take the appropriate rest.  Score will be the fastest and slowest at each distance.