Ropes & Rides


Indoors Primarily

Warm Up
Partner Up!
P1 – 10|7 Cal Bike*
P2 – Rope Knee to Elbows

P1 – 200m Ski
P2 – MB Squats

P1 – 15 Wall Balls
P2 – Ring Support Hold

*15|10 Schwinn

Forearm Rolling
Chest stretch

10|7 Cal Bike
1 Rope Climb
10|7 Cal Bike
2 Rope Climbs
10|7 Cal Bike
3 Rope Climbs
10|7 Cal Bike
4 Rope Climbs
10|7 Cal Bike
5 Rope Climbs

Rest 6 Minutes

In 10 Minutes
3 Rounds for Time
200m Ski
12 Ring Dips
15 Wall Balls

If you finish in less than 10 minutes, ski for calories in the remaining time. Record time and then put your calories in the comments. If you do not finish put 10:00 as your time and write reps in the comments.

Schwinn = 15|10 Cal

Level 2- 8|6 Cal AB, 12|9 Cal Schwinn, 10 ft climb
Level 1- 6|5 Cal AB, 9|7 Cal Schwinn, Pull to Stand
ADV- 8|5 Ring Muscle-ups, 20 Wall Balls

Extra Work
Wodapalooza WOD 2 – Seven Minutes in Heaven

7 Min for Cumulative load
1 Clean & Jerks
50ft HS Walk
1 Clean & Jerk
50ft HS Walk
1 Clean & Jerk
50ft HS Walk
1 Clean & Jerk
50ft HS Walk
1 Clean & Jerk

*Your Score is the cumulative weight lifted. There should only be 5 weights counted max, possibly less if you are time capped at 7 minutes. Weight can be loaded for the 3-2-1 go!. Weights can be added, taken away or remain the same on the barbell at any time during the WOD.