Rope Burn


Warm Up
Partner Up!
P1: 250m Ski
P2: Pull to Stand

P1: 250m Ski
P2: Rope Knee to Elbow

P1: 250m Ski
P2: Rope Pull Up*

P1: 250m Ski
P2: BB Front Squat Hold

*these can be jumping pull ups w/ a controlled negative

5 Block and twists each side
1 Minute Hip Flexor Stretch
5 Squat to Stands

Quad Rolling
Couch Stretch

Front Squat
2 Reps

WOD (18 Minute Cap)
800m Run
3 Rounds
30 Wall Balls
3 Rope Climbs

Rainy Run Subs:
1.5 Mile Bike
1,000m Row
800m Ski

Level 2 – 20 Wall Balls, ½ Climbs
Level 1 – 15 Wall Balls 3 Pull to Stands
ADV – 30|20 MB, Legless Rope Climbs

Extra Work
2 Rounds
25|20 Cals Bike
-Rest 45s-
20|15 Cals Bike
-Rest 45s-
15|10 Cals Bike
-Rest 2 mins-

*The goal is to get faster within each round

ADV – 4 Rounds