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2012 Regionals
2012 Regionals

CrossFit won me over for so many reasons: the community, the coaches, the competition side of it, the way it holds me accountable, the constant challenge it presents to my body and mind. One of the coolest aspects of CrossFit is how every day can be looked at as a mini competition. I think that very often the word “competition” scares or gives people anxiety. I am here to tell you that it should not. It should make you excited and make you motivated. As a CrossFitter, go into a workout and give yourself a challenge or a goal to meet, and compete against yourself. Whether its getting a PR on a barbell movement, using one less band for a couple of pull ups, stringing together 2, 3, or 50 double unders, or running a mile a few seconds faster than you did the month before, that sense of competing against your previous scores and times should push you. I guarantee this will not only make you a better CrossFit athlete, but improve the way you spend that one hour in the box, and aid you in accomplishing whatever reason it is that you do CrossFit.

With all this being said, one thing that I have found so helpful is writing down all my times, scores, weights, and skills worked on after I have worked out. Keeping a journal of your fitness history serves well for many purposes. It is a good tool to refer to when going into a new workout to reference what weight or band you should use. That way you do not have to spend tons of time trying out weight before the workout and have more time to work on things like form! Two, your workout journal should be used to track your progress. When having a bad day in the gym one of the best things to do is look back at your journal and see how much you have progressed. Recently I looked back to over a year ago and was shocked and thrilled to see things that I could barely do that I now do with no problem. It’s a little boost in your self-esteem and confidence when your Monday morning workout just didn’t go as planned. Writing down your notes will hold you moew accountable; knowing that you are writing down your scores and times sets the standard for future WOD’s. Seeing it written out, and challenging yourself to work hard next time to beat that previous time or score is a fun way to look at your journey of exercise.

Lastly, lets make a point to also write in the comment section your score after each WOD. This is another way to not only hold yourself accountable but to also push your friends and workout partners a bit. This should be looked at as fun! Believe me, no one is judging – we all have weaknesses, and things that need to get better. Throw it out there, show where your weaknesses fall and also show off your strengths and PR’s. The CFS community wants to see when you made progress, beat and old Hero WOD time, or when you get that snatch PR!

Mary Chris
Mary Chris

Ring work
-Iron Cross

Toes to Bar

Rest 10 minutes

Run 1 mile or Row 2000m for time