Eat or Drink Your Vegetables!!

Ever thought of juicing?? Not steroids sillies, juicing Veggies.  Chris Nieves has had a great experience with it. He has been reporting PR’s on metcons and feels incredibly energized. Below are some words from Chris:

My goal through out any day is to drink 1/2 my body weight in ounces in water, and even more if  I am training.

Juicing allows you to accomplish 2 things- getting your waters worth and your veggie intake.

c.nievesA gallon of juice yields about 153 oz, that’s approximately 8lbs. That’s about 20$-25$ of produce. In a week it can amount to 140$-165$.

Here’s some nutritional facts
Calories: 425
Fat: 2g
Carb: 81g
Protein: 22g
Sodium: 1229 ….51%DV

If you want alkalinity, constant energy, put your blood sugar in check, and use your own fat as energy ect ..then you need to try this! 🙂


Whole 30 Peeps- How are you feeling??! I am tired….haha. BUT I must say that making veggie shakes have helped my energy level, and they taste pretty good. green smoothie One batch for us in our vitamix blender gets us about 3-4 shaker bottles. I never use actual measurements but try this mix and see how you like it:

1 Ripe Avocado
4 cups of dry leafy spinach
4 cups of dry leafy kale
2 cucumbers pealed and diced
1.5 cups of green grapes
3 cups of water

These shakes have really helped me in the mornings…I usually eat several cups of broccoli. Spinach and Kale are definitely 2 of the top vegetables you can eat. As I am sure you all know kale and spinach are loaded vitamins and minerals. You may not be familiar with the calcium content of these 2 super veggies. 1 cup of spinach=245mg of calcium, 1 cup of spinach=200mg of calcium. To put this in perspective 1 cup of milk=300mg of calcium.

If you have a hard time getting in those veggies both juicing or the blender could be a great option for you. Just keep in mind that juicing or blending fruits will give you more of glycemic response. Try to stick to the greens as much as you can.

Power Clean

15 min AMRAP
8 Squat Clean Thrusters (135,95)
1 Ring Muscle up
8 Front Rack Lunges (135,95)
1 Bar Muscle-up

Level 2 (115,75), Sub 8 Ring dips for the muscle ups, Sub 8 chest to bar pull-ups for the bar muscle ups
Level 1 (75,45), Sub 8 Ring dips, Sub 8 chest to bar pull-ups