Pullup Seminar was a HUGE success!!!

Do work!
Do work!

This past Saturday we had about 50 Crossfit Southie members devote an hour of their afternoon to work on their pullups. All kinds:  kipping, banded, deadhang, butterfly, chest to bar, and even butterfly chest to bar. Long story short, most athletes that came out were not only able to gain a better understanding of the kip, but also were able to use less bands, string more reps together, and even butterfly consecutive reps by the end! We even had the opportunity to get in a little running/pullup wod to give athletes a chance to practice the skills gained from the session. If your feeling left out, jump on the train the next time an opportunity like this rolls around because as a member of Crossfit Southie the seminar cost absolutely nothing!!!! No excuse to miss out! Nice work to all of you hardcore athletes! The hour that we had flew by as we imagined that it would. There were a few topics that we didn’t have the chance to cover due to lack of time but here is some extra helpful info to make those pullups even more proficient. Check out this awesome article by Element Crossfit about the “road to pullup domination.” Proper hand care is a must, especially when doing lots of bar work. Here is another great helpful article from FitBomb to prevent those hands from nasty rips and tears or to simply speed up the recovery process. All in all, Chuck Norris said it best “A lot of times people look at the negative side of what they feel they can’t do. I always look on the positive side of what I can do.” You can accomplish anything if you REALLY want to accomplish it. Pick a goal and let determination take you the rest of the way!

Med ball Throwing

Teams of 4
Complete 60 Burpee Pull-ups (2 people may work at a time)
As a team run out to the 200m line.
Then Sled push (70,25)
Each member should push the sled 50m 8 times
Once complete run as a team (the long way) back to the gym
Complete 60 Burpee Pull-ups (2 people may work at a time)