Pull Through Thursday

#TBT – Mama Goose crushing 16.1

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1 minute of each, no rest
-Lateral Plate/Object Hops
-Barbell Single Leg Deadlifts Right
-Barbell Single Leg Deadlifts Left
-Burpees Jump on to the Plate
-Single Leg V-Ups
-Barbell Squat Mornings

(Using the Mini Bands)

2 Rounds
1 Minute Work: 15 Seconds Rest Then Rotate

  1. Monster Walk*
  2. Weighted Glute Bridge**
  3. Bicycle Abs*** 
  4. Side Plank Walks**** 
  5. Mini Band Pull Aparts****

*Front to back of mat while facing front the entire time
**Band Around the Knees – use kb for extra loading
***Band around the feet
****Band around the wrists

3 Rounds
1 Mile Bike
25 Deadlifts 205|135
20 Toes to Bar

Level 2- 185|115
Level 1- 135|95
ADV- 225|155

Outdoor WOD
3 Rounds
535m Run (1 loop)
25 Deadlifts 205|135
25 Alternating SL V-ups

Level 2- 185|115
Level 1- 135|95
ADV- 225|155, V-Ups